Wildflower Design Studio

Architecture & Interior Design

Working in the Architectural and Interior Design fields since 2002, I have acquired a broad range of experience ranging from commercial office space upfits to new construction. The industries that I have served include general commercial, public, private, education, faith based/ worship, corporate, industrial and military. My passion is to create spaces that function in a way that exceeds the expectations of the client, while creating a technically sound and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Starting Wildflower has been a dream of mine for many years. Raised in small business, I learned the value that they bring to the community and the lasting relationships that come from providing personal attention. As an adult, it took me a while to come to the realization [and muster the courage!] that I wanted to build something uniquely my own. I’ve had the privilege to work for several excellent design firms and assemble a ‘bouquet’ of skills and experiences that have all come together to create Wildflower Design Studio.

Montgomery & Co. CPAs

Mavin Construction
In collaboration with Childs Architecture Firm

Clemson Verizon & Spec. Retail Center

Trisect Construction
In collaboration with Childs Architecture Firm

O'Neal Village Commercial Center

Raby Construction
In collaboration with Childs Architecture Firm

Blakely City Hall, GA

Southern Triad Construction
In collaboration with Poly, Inc.

Little Me Academy Expansion

Raby Construction
In collaboration with Childs Architecture Firm

W.N. Watson Tire and Automotive

Triangle Construction
In collaboration with Childs Architecture Firm

Westgate Christian School/ Westgate Church of Christ

Lewis Construction

Early County Public Health Department

Southern Triad Construction
In collaboration with Poly, Inc.

“Architecture is invention – is innovation – but it is also . . . remembering.”

– Fay Jones

Wildflower Design Studio

Markets & Services


From warehouses and speculative buildings, to precision manufacturing, we can help your business grow and expand.


Whether it’s a stand-alone office building, renting a floor in a high rise, or a corporate component to warehousing/manufacturing, Wildflower can guide you through the construction process from conceptual design to completion.


Preschools, daycare and private K-12 schools need specialized attention. When budgets get tight, we’re there to help make the most of your resources for renovations, additions and new construction projects.

Mixed Use

As people continue to relocate to the Upstate, all of these new residents will need businesses and shopping centers to service their needs. We would love to help you design and develop your property or renovate your existing space to appeal to retailers, restaurants and other businesses.


We love helping public entities and charitable organizations improve the lives of the people they serve by making their spaces more functional and inviting. We have experience working with rural clinics, city governments and CDBG grant projects. No improvement is too small.


Small businesses are near and dear to Wildflower’s core values. One of the most satisfying tasks is helping someone’s dreams and aspirations become real in the form of an office, a shop or café, a warehouse or other structure.


So you have a new space, now what do you want to do with it? What do you want it to look like? Wildflower can help you coordinate your finish selections, furniture, fixtures, lighting and artwork to make your vision a reality.

Dept. of Defense

Government projects need expertise to execute. They have different requirements and protocols that are difficult to navigate. Wildflower has been fortunate enough to have some experience with these types of projects and we would welcome the opportunity to be a member of your team.

Strengths of

Wildflower Design Studio

Significance • Deliberative • Relator • Harmony • Achiever

A wildflower is simple, free, humble, resilient, uncultivated, unassuming, and not pretentious. I hope these values will come across in my architecture as well as my practice. If you have a vision you would like to make a reality, I would love to hear about it!